Frame Labs


Some of the stories of who we have worked with, what we did together, and the results we achieved.

We are proud to have worked with each of these brilliant partners on multiple occasions, here are some examples of what we have done together.



How do we connect on a deeper level with our customers?

What can we do to become or stay a market leader through brand purpose?

How do we develop a world-class sustainability strategy?

What are the opportunities for growth we might be missing?

How do we measure and tell the story of the positive impact we have on the world?

How can we explore, test and then scale new opportunities for growth and impact?



IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer with 392 Stores in 48 countries and 170,000 members of staff. In 2016 IKEA's global revenue was €36.4 billion.


IKEA UK&I wanted to re-design their role in society for the next decade. They didn’t know where to start in combining a bold ambition with continuing the daily focus on continued business growth.


We worked in close partnership with the country management team to design a highly participative, immersive programme for staff and customers alongside insight and research work to develop a pioneering new vision for the company.


Business growth from where IKEA didn’t expect it. More engaged workforce, better communication and selling strategies for customers and a more strategic approach to drive future initiatives for the next ten years.



Santander is a 160 year old global bank that has 125 million customers and 190,000 members of staff across almost 15,000 branches. The company's latest global revenue was €42 billion.


Santander wanted to have become synonymous with SME banking, and saw a opportunity to add mission-driven SME businesses to it's portfolio. The company needed a bold idea that could fit alongside it's existing business model, scale quickly and connect with a new group of customers.


We designed a pioneering impact investment programme targeted at mission-driven SMEs, built and scaled the operations within 3 months to invest £500,000 in the UK as a test case market. A mix of micro-investments and grants were used to stimulate the social innovation ecosystem across the UK through a peer-investment model that was unique to Santander.


Within 18 months the programme had pushed impact investment to corners of the UK that had not received any capital. New markets and industries were invested in for the first time and Santander grew it's reputation, social impact and business exponentially.

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KPMG is a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services 152 countries. Collectively they employ more than 189,000 people across a range of disciplines. In 2016 KPMG made US$25.4 billion in global revenue.


KPMG wanted to understand how to develop a talent pipeline for the next generation of accountants and auditors. To see how they could draw applicants from significantly wider variety of socio-economic backgrounds. 


We worked with KPMG to re-design their internship programmes, communications and measurement systems. By ensuring open and independent feedback mechanisms we also ensured that applicants and entry level talent could objectively feedback on their experiences.


KPMG has been able to consistently grow the talent pool from which they find the very best accountants and auditors of the future. Their brand has connected to milllenial applicants on a much deeper level and this is already seeing a positive impact on business performance through higher standards of entry level talent.